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Water park will work in our city

FROM his office in Toowoomba’s CBD Brad Spanner can see the landscape of the city’s heart changing – and he reckons it’s for the better.

Mr Spanner’s Top of the Range Home Loans business sits on the eastern side of Hume St across the road from the Toowoomba Courthouse.

Through the glass doors at the front of his office, he can see Toowoomba’s newest high-rise building – the Quest Serviced Apartments on the old Church of Christ site in Margaret St – taking shape.

“I watch that hotel going up every day. It will be interesting to see how it will end up,”


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IMAX theater, water park and pool cabanas on new Carnival Vista

When the Carnival Vista hits the water in 2016, it will be the cruise line’s biggest ship.

But size alone doesn’t distinguish the Vista. What sets it apart are novel features like an IMAX theater, and fun factors like a water tube slide in an expanded water park and SkyRide, which allows passengers to cycle on recumbent bikes on a suspended track 150 feet above the ocean.

The Vista also will bring the cruise line back to Europe for the first time in three years, according to a Carnival statement last month.

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Universal Orlando planning to add water park


Universal Orlando is planning to add a water park, according to a permit application submitted by a geo-technical engineering service for Universal Orlando and filed with the South Florida Water Management District.

[COMING SOON:  Massive ski mountain | World’s tallest coaster | World’s tallest tower drop ride |


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Water Park developer says there's too much miscommunication


A decision to rezone land for the proposed Grovetown water park has been postponed.

NBC 26 caught up with the water park’s developer on how his time is being utilized to make sure he’s prepared for next month’s meeting.

“The whole things been a miscommunication. All of it actually,” said Scuttle’s Island developer, Benjamin Bell.

Thursday night’s meeting resulted in the Planning Commission putting tabling any decisions on the water park till next month.

Now, Bell has more time to provide information needed for approval.

However NBC 26


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Water park Toowoomba visit postponed

ORGANISERS of the world’s largest inflatable water theme park have said the arrival of the park to Toowoomba has been postponed.

Earlier, they had announced Water Wonderland would come to the Toowoomba Showgrounds over Easter.

A new date is yet to be announced.

Park spokesman Jo Thompson said the postponement was due to “unforeseen circumstances”, but that it would actually benefit Toowoomba.

She did not comment on how the arrival of cold conditions in Toowoomba after Easter would impact on the timing of the visit.

Ms Thompson said organisers were hoping to make it an annual event in Toowoomba.

“We’ll be inviting schools to see the


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Owner of future water park in Grovetown responds to zoning issues

The owner of a planned water park responded to some zoning concerns. A spokesperson said the owner of Scuttles Island will be asking to post-pone a rezoning hearing.

Monday, March 2, 2015

GROVETOWN, Ga. (WRDW)-The owner of a planned water park responded to some zoning concerns. A spokesperson said the owner of Scuttles Island will be asking to post-pone a rezoning hearing.

The spokesperson said the owner, Benjamin


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Camelback delays opening of new water park

Shedding winter layers for swimsuits at Camelback Lodge and Aquatopia will take a month longer than expected.

The newest addition to Camelback Resort, a 453-suite hotel and a 125,000-square-foot indoor waterpark, was tentatively scheduled to open this month. The 16-month, $163 million construction project has been delayed due to winter’s tight grasp on the region.

“Obviously, we’ve had tremendous weather difficulties, and that is a fact, but we are probably 95 percent on schedule,” Arthur Berry, president of Camelback Resort told the Pocono Record.

Phase one, consisting of 257 rooms; an indoor waterpark; family entertainment center that includes mini golf, rock climbing,


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City may seek sponsorship for water park

Food for thought: WetSide in Hervey Bay Queensland, described by the Wide Bay Council as “a fun, free, eco-friendly public asset designed around water ‘infotainment’.” Picture:

A business could secure a rare naming rights sponsorship deal which would be used to pay for part of Bunbury City Council’s multi-million dollar water playground on Leschenault Inlet.

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said the council needed to think “creatively” to fund construction


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Water park offers immediate blight

When I drive by Dolce or look at aerial photos of the property, I see trees. When I look at the conceptual drawings of the water park, I see what must be acres of buildings and blacktop parking lot — a perfect design for an urban heat island. When I look at topographical maps, I see stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces onto a floodplain that is already overloaded.

I find it unconscionable that the trees at Dolce are apparently going to be sacrificed on the altar of commercialism. This is especially puzzling in a city that is so strict on tree


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Photos: Santa Rosa ‘Water Park’

Slides from The Beach water park.

Credit: Alex Goldsmith (KRQE)


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