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Considered as Mississippi’s #1 family attraction, Geyser Falls has a very good reputation to live by. Because of this, the waterpark continually strive to be number one in all its attractions, slides and amenities. And with all the best that it has to offer, it’s quite amazing how they are still able to make everything so affordable to its visitors. And they even giveaway Geyser Falls Coupons to make their admission fees even more affordable.

Geyser Falls is a 23-acre water theme park and has been a popular attraction in Philadelphia, Mississippi. As you enter the waterpark, you will be greeted by the Geyser Flats which is quite an attraction. And when you go inside, there are endless attractions, fun activities and rides that will keep you entertained all day long. There is the backsplash which is the first of its kind in the country. It’s a roller coaster and water slide in one. A favorite of all ages is the Round About River, just relax and ride with its flow. If you like to experience a different ambiance, enter into the Clearwater key. It is an 8-acre attraction of white sand beaches and clear pools in a tropical environment. The Mt. Everwet, Pipe’s Peak, and Whitewater Express are also worth trying. And if you are still up for some adventure, there are still many more rides and attractions at the water park that will whet your appetite for fun.

With so little time is a day, some are even getting a second shot because a day is never enough to explore and experience everything at the waterpark. If you like to do this as well, get ready with your Geyser Falls Discount Tickets so you will cut down on your fees.

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Geyser Falls Water Park
209 Black Jack Road
Choctaw, MS 39350
(601) 389-3100
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