‘Cuff him! He’s being resistant!’ Man sues Six Flags claiming security beat him on Father’s Day

After discovering his 12-year-old son had wandered off during a Father’s Day outing at Six Flags, Nicholaus Mims launched into parental panic.

He bolted from his beach chair in the water park area to search for his son among the crowds scattered across 500 acres before finally finding the boy safe playing arcade games.

But the father’s relief was short-lived. Within minutes of spotting his son, Mims said, an employee called security on Mims and told him he was violating park rules by not wearing a shirt and needed to leave.

Mims explained he had run shirtless from the water park to

More Details at Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/cuff-him-hes-being-resistant-man-sues-six-flags-claiming-security-beat-him-on-fathers-day/2018/08/31/7d567580-91dd-11e8-bcd5-9d911c784c38_story.html